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Dunk Tank Rentals Buffalo NY
Here is a video explaining how to properly use one of our dunk tank rentals! This video should answer any questions you have about dunk tank rentals. If not our party rental staff is always more then happy to help!
Dunk Tanks

Dunk Tanks

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Dunk Tank Rentals: 

  • Dunk tank rentals are not new to the party world but they are way more fun then they use to be.
  • Dunk tank rentals are perfect for backyard parties, fund raisers, church functions, festivals, grand opening, field days, summer camps, and school events.
  • Our dunk tank holds over 500 gallons of water for the ultimate dunking experience.
  • Bring the fun of the fair or carnival to your back yard or event with our clown dunk tank option!
  • Our dunk tank rentals have a window to have a visual of the person being dunked at all times.
  • Perfect for fund raisers and donation events because you can charge people to try and dunk the target!
  • This dunk tank can be set up anywhere out side with water access
  • Prices include set up and take down. We install your dunk tank so you have less to worry about.
  • Safe non slip material on the ladder to get into the dunk tank to help prevent slips and falls
  • There is a large cage to prevent the person in the dunk tank from being hit by balls.
  • Dunk tank can take 30 min to 2 hours to fill do to water pressure. please time accordingly!
  • We can not transport the dunk tank once it is filled with water because it will weigh over 4,000 pounds.
Buffalo Dunk Tanks
If you are Curious what our Dunk Tank rentals look like then watch this. This video provides an up close and personal view of the best dunk tank around.
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